Precision Stages


XY エアベアリングステージ

GAGシリーズ XYエアベアリングステージ

  • ダイレクトドライブハイパフォーマンスリニアモーターによるドライブ
  • Superior flatness and straightness from non-contact air-bearing guidance system for smooth, no noise and low paricle genration operation

Motor Parameter

Top Axis
Specifications AUM2-S2
Performance Parameters Unit Series
Continuous Force coil at 100℃ N 17.6
Peak Force N 88.0
Motor Constant N/Sq/Rt(W) 4.31
Continuous Power W 26.0
Peak Power W 416.0
Electrical Cycle mm 30
Max Bus Voltage V 330
Max Coil Temperature 125
Thermal Dissipation Constant W/℃ 0.35
Continuous current Arms 1.6
Peak current Arms 8.0
Force Constant N/Arms 11.0
Back EMF Constant Vpeak/(m/s) 9.0
Inductance mH 1.5
Terminal resistance at 25℃ Ohms 6.5
Electrical Time Constant ms 0.23
Mechanical Parameters
Coil Mass Kg 0.118
Coil Length mm 61
Track Mass (per 120 mm) Kg 0.468
Magnetic Attraction N (lb) 0
Bottom Axis
Specifications AUM2-S2
Performance Parameters Unit
Continuous Force N 52.9
Peak Force N 241.9
Motor Constant N/SqRt(W) 12.93
Continuous Power W 16.8
Peak Power W 350.2
Magnetic period mm 20
Max Coil Temperature 130
Continuous current Arms 2
Peak current Arms 9.60
Force Constant N/Arms 25.2
Back EMF Constant Vpeak/m/s 20.6
Inductance mH 13.5
Phase Resistance at 25℃ Ohms 3.8
Magnetic Attraction N 480.00
Coil Mass Kg 0.6
Coil Length mm 96
track Mass (per 80) Kg 0.26

Motor Parameter

X-Axis (top)
Stoke length4 250mm
Recommended load 2kg
Maximum load 5kg
Flatness/Straightness2 Full stroke ±1µm
Linear motor AUM2-SS4K-3.0
Motor Continuous force1 44N
Motor Peak Force1 176N
Linearity2 Full stroke ±5µm
Repeatability3 ±2.5µm
Y-Axis (Bottom)
Stroke length4 250mm
Flatness/Straigtness2 2kg
Maximum load 5kg
Linear motor ACM1-S30-J-3.0
Motor Continuous force1 53N
Linearity2 Full stroke ±5µm
Repeatability3 ±2.5µm
Orthognal2 ±5 arc second
Overall flatness2 ±1µm
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