DGV Series

  • Compact, modular direct drive voice coil pick and place system
  • Low moving mass
  • High acceleration, fast response and short setting time
Specifications Unit DGV
DGV 16
Electrical Parameters
Continuous forceCoil @100℃ N 4.0
lbf 8.8
Peak Force N 12.0
lbf 26.5
Continuous current A(rms) 2.0
Peak Current A(rms) 6.0
Voltage at Peak Force V 4.9
Force Sensitivity N/A 2.3
lbf/A 5.1
Back EMF Constant V/m/s 2.0
V/in/s 80.3
Resistace Ohms 1.0
Inductance mH 0.134
Actuator constant N/SqRt(W) 2.3
Max Allowable Coil Temp 155
Mechanical Parameters
Moving Mass kg 0.028
lb 0.062
Total Mass kg 0.220
lb 0.485
Recommended maximum load kg 0.10
lb 0.22
Stroke mm 10
Performance Parameters
Straightness µm ±3µm/25mm
Flatness µ ±3µm/25mm
Bidirectional Repeatability (1µ resolution) µm ±2µm
Note: The straightness, bidirectional repeatability and linearity are qualified according to ISO230-:197.
ISO 230-2:1997 - Bidirectional Repeatability, Bidirectional Accuracy, Bidirectional positional deviation
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